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Australian Bernedoodles



The Australian Bernedoodle is a unique blend of the Bernedoodle (Bernese x Poodle) and Australian Labradoodle (Lab x Poodle x Spaniel)


Australian Bernedoodles are a friendly, social dog with a mild temperament. Their gentle, playful personality makes them ideal for families with children of all ages. They are extremely smart dogs, quick learners and very eager to please. Their high intelligence and loving nature makes them excellent prospects for therapy work.


Our Australian Bernedoodles are a medium size dog with an average weight range between 40-50 lbs. at maturity. A perfect size for those looking for a dog in a "not too big / not too small" package.


They are known for thier beautiful fleece coats which are much easier to brush and maintain over the curlier coat type. Our Australian Bernedoodles have been proven over and over to be very low shedders and are excellent for those who suffer with mild to moderate allergies.


PHANTOM A solid base color with sharply defined cream, tan or rust points appearing above each eye, on the sides of the muzzle, on the throat/ fore-chest, on all four legs and feet, and below the tail. 

TRI A solid base color with phantom markings that includes small amounts of white usually found on the face, neck and legs.

MERLE A color pattern that has a mottled appearance of light and dark patches of color. The Merle pattern can include the parti or phantom markings which would be called TRI PARTI MERLE

PARTI- 50% White with pateches of any solid color ABSTRACT-has less than 50% white.

Parti can include the Phantom markings which would be a TRI PARTI

Australian Bernedoodle Moms

BRANDY and PHOENIX are full sisters and they are currently the only two Australian Bernedoodle Dams we have in our breeding program. Both girls have the stunning fleece coat types, typical to the Australian Bernedoodle cross. Brandy's coat color is a Chocolate Tri color with the gorgeous Merle pattern. Phoenix

has the pretty chocolate color coat with tan points called the  the Phantom pattern. They are medium in size with a nice square, stocky build. Both girls have amazing personalities and are very loving, laid-back and affectionate.

Planned and Upcoming

PHOENIX is due to come in season in June. We have not decided on who we will pair her with but any news and updates will be posted on this page so keep checking back with us!

BRANDY is due to come in season in August and we will be pairing her with MAX. If her heat cycle is on schedule this would put her litter due in October and possibly puppies ready to go by Christmas!

NOTE: Want to join our list for this litter but worried about timing through the holidays? We are always happy to keep your puppy for you past the scheduled pick-up date to work around your holiday plans.

Pups from past litters


Here are a few beautiful examples of what our Australian Bernedoodles will typically look like as they mature. A big

"Thank you"  to our amazing Criss Cross My Doodle family members who were so kind to share pictures of their beloved Fur-Kids with us!!

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