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  • What kind of personality traits can I expect from a Bernedoodle or Australian Bernedoodle and are the good with children?
    Both the Bernedoodle and Australian Bernedoodle are bred specifically with family in mind and are proven to be ideal companion dogs for families with children. Here are just a few words to describe our amazing Puppies... INTELLIGENT EASILY TRAINED AFFECTIONATE SOCIALBLE GOOFY PLAYFUL CHEERFUL LOVABLE LOYAL CUTE FRIENDLY EVEN TEMPERED KIND GENTLE FUN COMPATABLE WITH OTHER PETS NON AGGRESSIVE EAGER TO PLEASE
  • How long have you been breeding?
    Our Doodle breeding program was established in 2000 when our first litter of Labradoodles were born. Since 2015 our focus has been dedicated exclusively to the Bernedoodle designer breed. We have recently added the amazing Australian Bernedoodles to our breeding program.
  • Can we come visit your Home or Kennel?
    Puppy visitation is limited to families who have joined our waiting list by filling out our puppy application form and placing a deposit for a future puppy. Family visits are scheduled around puppy selections and pick up dates. Visits are subject to change due to Covid restrictions so please contact us for information on any last minute changes.
  • What do your puppies cost?
  • What Generations, Sizes and Coat Types do you offer?
    GENERATIONS Our Bernedoodle puppies are either F1b ( F1B Bernedoodle x Poodle) or Multigenerational (Bernedoodle x Bernedoodle, also known as the Teddy Bear Bernedoodle). On occasion we will have Australian Bernedoodles available. Keep in mind, the genetic make up of the Australian Bernedoodles DO NOT include the Australian Shepherd. The Australian Shepherd x Bernedoodle cross are known as Australian Mountian Doodle. Please Contact Us if you would like more information about our Australian Bernedoodles. SIZES Most of our litters will fall in the Petite Mini (25-35 lbs.) or Mini-Med size ( 35-50 lbs.) On a limited bases we will have puppies in the Small Standard range 50-70 lbs. COAT TYPES Our puppies have fully furnished wavy or curly coats types. While we cannot guarantee a puppy to be 100% hypoallergenic, we strive to breed for coat types that are proven to be well suited for persons with mild to moderate pet allergies.
  • How do I adopt one of your puppies?
    Because our puppies are reserved in advance through a deposit waiting list, we rarely have available puppies to the general public. If you are serious and are ready to adopt one of our puppies, we highly suggest joining the waiting list for a puppy. The average wait for a puppy is 4-6 months depending on your puppy criteria. The puppy application form will provide us detailed information about you, your family members, home environment and lifesyle. The deposit not only secures your spot on the list for a guaranteed puppy pick it also acts as your down-payment towards your puppy purchase. Our waiting list is a master list that services all our litters. Once we receive your puppy application and deposit, you are placed on the list. The waiting list is handled in order in which a deposit is received. Deposit #1-1st pick, Deposit #2-2nd pick and so on and so on. Once you are on our list, you will have the opportunity to choose a puppy at your turn to pick. You always have the option to pass on any litter without loosing your position on the waiting list. As families pick above you, your name is moved up the list. Once you are a Criss Cross My Doodle Family Member, you will have full access to our private Facebook Family Group. You will be able to communicate with fellow Criss Cross My Doodle puppy owners to ask questions, share stories and photos. CLICK HERE FOR THE PUPPY APPLICATION
  • What comes with my puppy purchase?
    We send a nice starter package with every puppy purchase. Items may very due to availability. Our "Full Priced $2500-$4500" puppies come with... 1. Vet Records 2-Health Guarantee 3-year with Nuvet agreement or 2-Year without 3. Microchip 4. Trupanion handout with 30 day free insurance offer with discount code 5. Baxter and Bella Online Training Program handout with discount code 6. Nuvet handout with sample and discount code 7. Puppy Culture exercise booklet 8. Scent blanket/ play pad 9. Toys 10. PetSmart coupon book 11. Collar/Leash 12. Chews/ Treats Our "Reduced Price / Under $2500" puppies come with 1. Vet Records 2. Health Guarantee 1-year 3. Trupanion handout with 30 day free insurance offer with discount code 4. Baxter and Bella Online Training Program handout with discount code 5. Nuvet handout with sample and discount code 6. Puppy Culture exercise booklet 7. Scent Blanket 8. Collar/Leash 9 Toys 10. Treats / Chews
  • Do you offer shipping?
    You are always welcome to come here and pick up your puppy in person, however, we have a couple shipping/delivery options available for families who are not able to travel. 1. For a $200 fee we can arrange to meet you with your puppy if the travel distance for us is within 5 hrs one way. We can include a nice travel crate for $50 extra. 2. We can connect you with one of our local recommended Fly Nanny Servies. The Nanny would travel with your puppy in cabin and deliver your puppy to you at your nearest major airport. 3. If you would like to fly in to pick up your puppy, we can meet you at Little Rock airport. You would be responsible for making the flight arrangements and brining a airline approved soft sided pet carrier to travel onboard with your puppy. We can connect you with one of our Local ground delivery Services. This service is offered on a limited basis and must be arranged well in advance of take home date.
  • Are your puppies health guaranteed?
    You bet they are! Click to view...
  • When can my puppy go home?
    Puppies are ready to be released to families between 7 and 8 wks. of age. Our puppies are fully weaned, eating solid food and are fully cleared via a head to toe vet health exam before they go to new homes. If you cannot pick up your puppy by 8 wks. of age, please let us know and we can possibly arrange to keep your puppy for you for past 8 wks. of age. Additional fee may apply.
  • What can I do to prepare for my puppy?
    Bringing home a new puppy can be an exciting and fun time for the entire family! At the same time, it can be a bit over whelming to think about getting your home and family prepared!! Click the PUPPY CHECK LIST drop down menu and visit the pages provided. You will find a wealth of information and tools to help you prepare for puppy ownership.
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