About Us

Hello and welcome to Criss Cross My Doodle. We are a small scale premiere Bernedoodle breeder located in Greenbrier, Arkansas. Our home sits on 5 partially wooded acres, nestled at the foothills of the gorgeous Ozark Mountains. This beautiful country setting provides our dogs a perfect environment with plenty of room for exercise and play. We have a 20 year history with the Doodle hybrids and are proud to be one of the first breeders to introduce the Labradoodle and Goldendoodle to the state of Arkansas. Our long list of clients come from all walks of life, backgrounds and professions. We are truly honored and blessed to provide families with loyal companionship and unconditional love, one puppy at a time.


How We Do It

 Our breeding program is kept small in scale so that we can give every puppy born here at Criss Cross My Doodle, the love, care and human nurturing that is extremely important and crucial for their optimal mental health and physical development. Daily stimulation, interaction and socialization are necessary to set the foundation for them to thrive to be a happy, healthy adult.

Health First

 Before being released to new families, we take every step to ensure our puppies are given the very best  start in life while under our care.

  •  They are microchipped, vaccinated and treated for parasites several times before going to new homes.

  • Our puppies are fed a high quality, vet recommended diet and are started on probiotics and vitamin supplements. 

  • Before going to their new homes, each puppy is given a head to toe health exam by our veterinarian specialist at Out West Veterinary Center and Urgent Care Clinic.

As a vet recommended breeder we take great pride in our breeding program and it shows with the happy, healthy puppies we can offer our clients.


The Best Start

 Healthy, happy and even tempered puppies start with parents who have been carefully screened before being considered for our breeding program.

  • First, every prospective parent must exhibit ideal temperament and personality traits as a family companion dog first.

  • Next, they must pass a thorough head to toe vet health exam and be genetically cleared healthy through a reputable DNA testing lab such as Embark, Animal Genetics or PawPrint.

 By taking these important steps as a ethical breeder, we can ensure each parent dog is passing on the very best traits to their litters. By selective breeding practices and setting our goals to the highest of standards, we can offer our clients the very best family companion dog possible!