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Natural Dog Care

Your pet deserves the best- and that is why I wanted to tell you about Young Living's Animal scents line!

Made with 100% pure essential oils (this is the KEY component- there are no FDA regulations when it comes to essential oils, so you must trust the company that they are sourced from)- these products have no harmful ingredients that will harm your new furry companion.

I know we have all heard that essential oils are not safe for pets, so I wanted to write this blog post so you will know exactly how to use this plant magic around your furry family members and bust that myth!

Here is the first important advice- animals cannot tell us if something is working or not, so it is our duty to exercise due caution and approach using oils on animals safely and responsibly. Also- if your pet is pregnant, nursing, or has a medical condition, consult a veterinarian prior to use.

So- how do we do exercise caution and approach using oils on animals safely and responsibly?

Here are some basic guidelines:


  • Do not use on or around dogs (or cats) under 8 weeks old

  • Dogs are more sensitive to smell than humans, make sure to dilute heavily to begin

  • Every pet is different, make sure observe your pet when using essential oils around him/her

  • Do not get in their eyes

  • If diffusing, never shut an animal in the room where they cannot leave if they want- usually if your pet does not like the smell, they will want to go to a different area

  • With all animals, avoid using high-phenol oils- such as Oregano, Wintergreen, Clove, Mountain Savory, and Thyme. This is true with cats especially.


It is also important to remember, essential oils are a natural smell that have properties that can help your animal- so if all of this seems daunting, think of all the things you use around your animal already- do you burn candles? Use cleaner? Lysol? Febreeze? Perfume? Dog shampoo with a scent? The answer is probably yes to some of those - so don't be alarmed! Your animal is use to smells and essential oils are no different- Young Living cares about your pets and their health- and made sure to give instructions with their products- that is the only difference. :)

Here are the products in the Animal scents line! The oils in this collection are pre-diluted and formulated without synthetic perfumes, dyes, and artificial colors and fragrances which sets them apart from other things on the market. You want to make sure you are using things on your dog that is good for your dog!

PuriClean PuriClean™ is the first step in our three-part system: PuriClean, Infect Away™, and Mendwell™. PuriClean starts off the system with an impressive list of pet-lovin’ benefits:

  • Soothes and moisturizes dry, flaky, irritated skin

  • Helps clean minor scrapes and scratches

  • Promotes feelings of health and wellness with its warm, comforting aroma

  • Refreshes and prepares the skin for the next step

Infect Away

Infect Away is the second stage in our three-part system and offers just as many perks for your pet as PuriClean and Mendwell. Here’s what you and your pupper will find behind this bottle’s bright green label:

  • Healthy recovery from minor scrapes and scratches

  • Support for your pet’s natural defense system

  • Protection against harmful contaminants

  • Prep for the final step of our terrific trio

Mendwell Mendwell wraps up our three-part system. Use it after PuriClean and Infect Away for a trifecta of greatness!

  • Soothes and moisturizes dry, sensitive, distressed skin and improves the appearance of healthy-looking coats

  • Creates an uplifting environment with its inspiring aroma

  • Aids in healing minor scrapes and scratches as part of the three-part system

  • Contains powerful essential oils that support your pet’s natural healing process


  • Supports your pet’s natural cleansing system

  • Offers a calms and quieting blend you can gently massage on your pet’s belly

  • Helps release feelings of discomfort when diffused


T-Away™ is one of our most popular essential oils for pets, thanks to a combination of Trauma Life™, Harmony™, and Peace & Calming™ essential oil blends. The citrusy, slightly spicy scent supports a new level of emotional freedom and joy in pets, making it ideal for shelters and rescues. It also:

  • Promotes a calming and peaceful environment

  • Encourages relaxation and emotional balance

  • Supports pets during times of emotional stress, anxiety, and trauma

When you’re ready to give it a try, rub the oil and carrier oil between your palms until your hands are no longer shiny. Rub over your pet’s back, on the belly, and behind the ears. Take extra care to avoid the eyes!

Other Animal scents products to try are:

Animal Scents Ointment:

Pamper those paws! Animal Scents® Ointment includes 100 percent pure essential oils and other naturally derived ingredients to moisturize, soothe, and soften skin. This rich, intensely hydrating salve is appropriate for everyday use, suitable for most animals, vegan friendly, and certified cruelty free. Because it’s formulated without parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, animal-derived ingredients, or synthetic preservatives, fragrances, or colorants, it will not harm animals should they become curious and lick the applied ointment.

Animal Scents Shampoo:

Mud puddles, toilet bowls, and open garbage cans—these may not sound enticing to us, but to our furry family members, they’re irresistible! Clean up your pets with Animal Scents® Shampoo. It is highly concentrated, generously fortified with essential oils, and formulated with your pet’s safety and cleanliness in mind. This plant-based, deodorizing formula is tough on dirt but gentle on your pet’s skin, making for a soft, moisturized, healthy-looking coat!

Thieves household cleaner:

This isn't necessarily an Animal scents product but it would be a great addition to your house with your pet! Most cleaners have harmful chemicals that are not safe for you or your pet to inhale or be around. Thieves cleaner is a better option! Thieves® Household Cleaner is a concentrated, versatile solution that gives you a deep clean when scrubbing, degreasing, spot cleaning, dusting, and more—all without harsh chemicals. All you need is a capful of cleaner and 16oz of water and you will have a whole bottle of everyday cleaner! You won't have to worry when your dog licks the floor or the counter and ingesting harsh chemicals with this cleaner. It is a must!


If you are ready to get started with any of these Young Living products, the best way is to sign up with a starter kit! This just means, you will get 24% off of everything Young Living has to offer!

My suggestion is to get the Basic Starter Kit which is $35 and add the Animal Scent oils and products onto the kit! You will follow this link and choose the basic starter kit!

Then, you will have to decide if you want to do essential rewards! What essential rewards is, is a monthly wellness box that you customize each month for around $50/month! You can get oils, personal care products, cleaners, makeup, so many things - all made without harmful ingredients! This is an optional thing - if you do say yes- you can cancel anytime! Want to read more about essential rewards to decide if you want to do it or not? Follow this link; Essential Rewards explained.

**If you say yes to essential rewards, choose what you want to come in your first essential reward order (you will be charged NEXT month- you just choose now! Don't worry, once you are signed up you can always change it logging into your account!) After choosing what will come in your first essential reward order, make sure to save it! It will then take you back to the enrollment page and you will click "add more products" and then under the "AT HOME" tab there is Animal Scents- click that and add which Animal Scents products you want for your pet!

If you say no to essential rewards, make sure to click "add more products" and under the "AT HOME" tab there is Animal Scents- click that and add which Animal Scents products you want for your sweet pet!

Then, continue enrollment entering your information! The sponser and enroller ID should be auto filled to my member number, 24157417!

I will reach out once your order is complete and help you along the way as you learn more about the products and use them on yourself, and your pets!

If you have any questions, please email me at

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