Welcome to Criss Cross My Doodle! We are a small, home based breeder, specializing in Miniature and Medium size Bernedoodles as well as a limited number of Specialty designed Double Doodle type Crosses. Our puppies are well known for their amazing temperament, wonderful health qualities and that adorable "Teddy Bear" look that is so irresistible! We pride ourselves in offering a wide range of colors and color patterns to choose from that are extremely beautiful, truly unique and  sometimes rare!

We take great pride in our breeding program and it shows with the quality puppies we produce. By selective breeding practices and setting our goals to meet the highest of standards, we can offer our clients the most well rounded, happy, healthy family companion dogs possible.

There is nothing more rewarding than introducing our amazing puppies to loving, responsible families and gaining new friends along the way! We feel extremely fortunate and blessed to have the opportunity to share our love and passion for our dogs with others! Contact Us today and let us complete your family with a Criss Cross My Doodle puppy!



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COMPLETING families one puppy at a time...

We are committed to our clients and are so blessed to be able to work with some of the most amazing families! We are always available and ready to help with any questions you may have. We can provide you with a wealth of information and resources to help make owning a Criss Cross My Doodle puppy the best experience possible!


We are one of a limited number of breeders that produce litters that come in a wide range of 

colors and color patterns to choose from such as...


Solid Colors-Black, Brown, Red, Chocolate, Golden, Apricot, Cream and White. Some of our solid color puppies have small patches of white called "mis-mark".

Tri Color-Is a color pattern of 3 distinct colors such as Black/White or Chocolate/White with Rust, Tan or Cream points.

Sable-Is a Black or Brown coat with a lighter color at the base of the fur. These coat types lighten with age and they may or may not loose their tipping.

Merle-Is actually a lack of pigment in the coat that can affect all coat colors. The Merle gene creates mottled patches of color on a solid or piebald coat and can also affect eye color and skin pigment as well.

Parti-Is a white dog with irregular solid color patches in black, chocolate, red or apricot. Parti dogs can also come in a color patterns such as Brindle, Sable and Merle.​