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Visitors Policy

CAN WE COME LOOK AT YOUR PUPPIES AND SEE THE PARENTS? Our home and kennel is not open for visits from the general public. We do not bend rules, make any acceptions or take any risk when it comes to protecting our home environment and the health of our dogs and puppies. Our strict visitors policy has been implemented not only protect the families who have a vested interest in a litter, but more importantly, to protect the health of our dogs and puppies from communicable, deadly diseases, such as Parvo. This is  a highly contagious virus has a death rate of over 90% and is unknowingly spread by humans by direct contact with an infected dog, contaminated objects or from stepping on contaminated soil.

I'M ON THE PAID DEPOSIT WAIT LIST, CAN I COME VISIT? We do allow visits that are strictly limited to those families who are on our waiting/deposit list. Visits are scheduled in advance for picking out a puppy  or picking up your puppy. On occasion, we do allow families to schedule a playdate to come visit their puppy after their have been vet health checked and vaccinated.

If you concerned and unsure about making an investment in one of our puppies without visiting in person, we can provide you with a long list of clients who have visited us in person and will gladly tell you about their experience. We can also provide a vet reference from OUT WEST VET CLINIC who see to the needs of the health of our dogs and puppies. 

Thank you so much for your understanding and please CONTACT US if you have any questions concerning our Visitation Policy.

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