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Puppy Training

 Our puppies are started on crate and potty training by 5 wks of age. They sleep in a large crated area at night with access to a doggy door they learn to use to go outside to potty.

For any of our local families who wish to have more extensive training for their puppy, we can recommend a list of trainers within our regional area that can offer not only beginner puppy training but also more advanced board and train programs for puppies who are fully vaccinated.

If you wish to be more involved and want to train your puppy at home, we highly recommend Baxter and Bella. This highly praised online training program is a easy-to-use and fun-to-follow online puppy school done in the convenience of your own home. The low cost, one time fee gets your access to live video calls with professional trainers, puppy parent forums, live training classes, access to 100's of training videos and tutorials plus so much more! REMEMBER WHEN YOU SIGN UP, DON'T FOR GET TO USE THE DISCOUNT CODE CRISSCROSS.
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